Swingin' Through Time
Swingin' Through Time is the Next Steps 2018 mid-year showcase produced exclusively by the students themselves.  It will feature multiple historical repertoire pieces and several original pieces, choreographed by the students.  The show will be followed by an open jam, hosted by Sole Rhythm

Date: Friday, February 24th, 2018

Venue: The Sewing Machine Factory (9560 82 Ave NW)

Doors: 6:30 PM   Show: 7:00 PM   Open Jam: 8:00 PM

Tickets: $15.00  (contact 780-819-1032)

A deep understanding of music theory results in undeniably stronger tap dance skills.  Tap dancers must understand their place in relationship to the music.
The roots of tap dance and jazz music are closely connected.  Students will study jazz theory, form, and a variety of jazz styles to develop a deeper understanding.
working with live musicians
This is truly where it all begins - knowing where we come from.  The students closely study the masters of the dance, regularly view and analyze footage, and learn historical repertoire.

Guest instructors are regularly brought in to assist us with these experiences so that we may continue the oral/generational tradition of tap dance.
Students are given multiple opportunities to work with live musicians and develop their improvisational skills.  All students will create original arrangements with a live band, and some even go on to compose their own pieces of music.
teaching skills
All students will have the opportunity to teach (and get paid to teach) their peers.  Students must successfully plan a lesson, prepare all necessary teaching materials including a business invoice to receive payment, and independently run a class.
performance opportunities
All students have monthly (sometimes weekly depending on the time of the year) opportunities to develop their dance skills in a performance setting.
professional development
This is perhaps the most crucial part of our course.  Throughout various projects, performances, events, workshops, and lectures students will develop the skills necessary to be successful in the professional dance community.  This includes developing a professional portfolio (including a dance resume, a curriculum vitae, headshots, etc) and eventually starting up their own, original projects that enrich our dance community as a whole.
Going hand in hand with the jazz component of our course, students are regularly encouraged to improvise and develop upon these skills.  Improvisation builds confidence, and gives students an opportunity to express themselves uniquely.
  auditions for the 2017-2018 season have now closed, for more information email [email protected]

The Next Steps is a strictly non-competitive advanced tap technique and professional development program for tap dancers between the ages of 14-20 wishing to take a serious approach towards their tap dance education and continued development as an artist. 

The PROGRAM aims to provide young, and upcoming tap dancers with opportunities to prepare them for the professional dance community.
The students are responsible for a variety of assignments, performance opportunities, and events that give them hands on, or  "real life" experiences.

Course components will include:
   - the development of advanced tap technique and improvisational techniques
   - a heavy focus on tap history
   - music theory, specifically jazz theory
   - working with live musicians
   - professional development (building a dance resume, head shots, etc)
   - introduction to various teaching approaches
   - the opportunity to teach tap classes around the city 
   - monthly preformances at various events
   - collaborational events within the Edmonton dance community
   - and much more (based on student interest). 

The course will conclude with a major project completed in June that the students will collaborate on producing as a group.  Complete funding will be provided for the production of the event and students will work together develop either:
     1) a workshop (bringing in an international tap artist)
     2) a tap show (at a local venue),