"9:27" is sole rhythm's first mixtape, recorded in august 2016 and released in february 2017.

In August 2012 at Feats Festival of Dance, Jenna had the privilege of working with Spencer Murray on several dance projects that featured live music.   This set the stage for a student-mentor relationship, which later developed into a friendship as they continued to work together on various projects throughout the years.  Shortly after, Jenna met Cameron O’Neill and the two began working to find multiple ways for tap dance and percussion to exist together without interfering with one another sonically.  After developing a musical relationship that was sensitive to both the needs of the drums and tap dance, Jenna established Sole Rhythm; her most recent artistic project that unites tap dancing and live music within a band atmosphere.

In September 2015, a consistent line up including Andrew Creswick, Cameron O’Neill, Jenna Werhun, Ross Nicoll, and Spencer Murray was established.  Together, the quintet worked to develop material that would function in a live music setting, but would also accommodate larger tap ensemble pieces.  Oftentimes, Jenna invites several of her tap students to join the band during such performances.  To make this collaboration between music and tap dance truly flourish, all of Sole Rhythm's original songs are written out of acapella tap rhythms, with melody lines and chords structured around the rhythm of the dance that it accompanies.  

Most recently, Sole Rhythm has released their first mixtape, “9:27” which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kent Shores at his recording studio, Red Carpet Studios.  Sole Rhythm has also been invited to out of town tap jams, to provide music specifically for tap dancers, and often works with Jenna’s professional development program, The Next Steps, in order to help the next generation of tap dancers in developing skills to work with live musicians.  Sole Rhythm is exceptionally excited to be joining the line up of the 2017 TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival.

For bookings, please contact Jenna Werhun @ [email protected]
SYNAPSE - Original Composition 
Cameron O'Neill X Jenna Werhun